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A visit from Mama Judy led to…cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile–then you know I have a “second mama” who I call Mama Judy. Mama Judy and I met years ago…she called me to take pictures for her sweet family…and I had the honor of documenting her last days with her precious husband before He went home to Jesus. The Lord connected our hearts—and she quickly became another momma in my life. She really loves me like I’m hers…she says I’m the daughter she never had (although she DOES have 3 of the most amazing daughter-in-laws who I grown to love dearly!) I just love her to pieces. She listens. She speaks truth in my life. She loves. AND…the kids SQUEAL when they find out she is coming or has been by! Mama Judy makes these incredible baskets that make you feel so loved and cherished…care packages kind of. They are filled with thoughtfulness, love and most of all—FUN!One signature thing in EVERY basket whether it’s Easter…Christmas…whatever it may be…are ALWAYS Nam’s Bits! OH SUGAR (they slogan) is RIGHT!She carefully selects thing to put in bags for each child…Laney loved her Fancy Nancy book of course…There is usually baking and cooking fun things in the big momma basket…and this year the CUTEST little aprons for our cupcake cookin’…How CUTE are these silicone reusable cupcake holders?Frankie baby had such fun helping…And don’t you just LOVE how ITY looks at his big brother…oh he adores him!And Lou-bear…she did all the mixin’

We made over 50 cupcakes today—the silicone holder cupcakes were set aside to celebrate Richard’s birthday–and what to do with the other 40 cupcakes??? WELL…we could eat them and get sick. OR we could have a bake sale!!!SOOO…we made some signs and heading out to the corner and we sold ALL of the cupcakes!!!!!!! I gave them the choice as what our bake sale would benefit. P suggested diabetes research and L suggested Wiphan. We discussed—raised our hands…and Laney just got lucky that Frank raised his hand when she did—so majority vote went to the kiddos in Africa. (We’ll do diabetes research next time P! We don’t even know anyone with diabetes…but it is a GREAT idea!!!)

They all had such fun…even our little fireman!And it was a hit!The only problem we ran into was our inventory and our almost 2 year old…Now don’t you worry…he ONLY ate one…but trust me–he BEGGED for more!!!

And here’s a fun story for you!!! We were packing up and we had 4 cupcakes left. I told the kids that was okay–our goal was to sell the ALL but they did GREAT–and only had 4 left!!! We packed up the chairs–and as we were putting up the table a little boy came running down the street who had seen the crowd earlier when his mom pulled in the neighborhood. You should have seen the kids faces when he said, “Wait–do you have any more left??? I want to buy 4!!!” They were so excited to have sold them ALL!!!! What a FUN afternoon!!!

LAST but not least…here’s a shout out to our PRECIOUS old babysitter Caitlin!!! WE MISS YOU CAITLIN! COME SEE US CAITLIN!!! Caitlin made this shirt for Frankie baby when he was ITY’s age…and I just had to put it on Isaac (even though it’s tight!) and send some love Caitlin’s way!!!! Caitlin is about to take off for the THIRD time with the Daraja Children’s Choir ! We love her to pieces and we are so thankful to share a heartbeat for Africa and orphans with her. XOXO Cait!!!

april - October 29, 2010 - 8:28 am

how sweet of your momma judy to do that…she is very creative and crafty! how thoughtful of her and LOVE the matching aprons! love how you guys took that opportunity to sale cupcakes for orphans..precious!

Tisha Alexander - October 29, 2010 - 1:17 pm

Oh what FUN!!! You are so creative… you should write a book. You know, in your spare time! 😉

Elle J - October 29, 2010 - 6:04 pm

You ROCK!! Love this idea!! We have a dear friend who has had diabetes since 18 mo old, and we support and walk for a cure every year for JDRF for Kyle. Thumbs up to Parker for thinking of that. =) But YAY too for Wiphan kids. So cool either way.