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a night out…and a crazy weekend ahead!

It’s a rare day when Rico and I get out…but we had a night out last night with Rico Suave’s side of the family as we celebrated cousin Emily’s SURPRISE 30th birthday (Kevin–you totally rocked it out of the park!). It was such fun hanging out with this crew (Can you find us in the mix??)

LOVE this crew–and so thankful we started our weekend off this way–and so fun seeing Miss Emily surprised by family and friends! (Happy birthday Em!)

Now…we are off to some serious craziness for the weekend–FOR REALS…

…Nutcracker practice for our little mouse this morning…for TWO hours…

…TWO soccer games…followed by trophy ceremonies…followed by team parties…

…loading the van up and zipping 3 hours away for a 5pm wedding…of one of my old EAST ASIA TEAMMATES and college VBFFs…can’t WAIT to see everyone and be back with so many I haven’t gotten to see in YEARS! Here’s a pic of my old team from like 13 years ago!

Top LEFT is getting married TONIGHT! SOOOOO excited for this sweet day!!! This crew became my family for a year of my life overseas–they challenged my walk with the Lord…encouraged me…and we celebrated holidays and shared many laughs!

SUPER EXCITED because I’m staying with my old roomy who shared SO many crazy memories with me!!! We are totally so excited to have ALL our kids together for the FIRST time…we were both in each other’s weddings but life has been crazy for both of us–but TONIGHT we get to have a rocking SLUMBER PARTY but with our whole families!!!

FUNNIEST memory together is definitely this:

What in the world you ask? Well–the government asked what in the world we were really all about–and I told them INTERPRETIVE DANCING was truly our heart;) I tend to get my friends into things–and Blaire-bear was always game to go down with me. I think ministry should always be crazy, fun…don’t you;)?? SO–we performed our interpretive dancing skills for thousands…and even made it on CCTV. You should be impressed;). I mean–THEY were…

Things might get crazy with us together. Blaire and I really wanted to rent one of those Chinese dragon things you see in a parade and come into the reception with a true wedding welcome:). Don’t worry Daniel–we will do no such;)

THEN–tomorrow is ORPHAN SUNDAY…so we’re starting our Sunday at David Platt’s church…then racing back for an Orphan Sunday time of prayer and worship. Here’s the details on HOPE FOR ROSWELL site. I’m so honored to get to lead a little choir of kids who have been changed by foster care or adoption as they sing “This Little Light of Mine”!

AND I’m praying that our case worker finishes our HOME STUDY this weekend!!! Oh my…dying to get that to our agency and off to USCIS!!! So much goodness I might POP! Hoping and praying we have that in our hands early next week!!! Please pray big with us!!! So many hoops to jump through–but we are trying to run hard and just want to do whatever we can to get to our sweet boy as soon as we can!!!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!!

God is good all the time!


Dawn Wright - November 3, 2012 - 9:37 pm

You are crazy fun!!! Love it!

Ashley - November 3, 2012 - 10:15 pm

Aww that sounds like a blast! You all will be sleeping away next week after all of that excitement! 😉 Our family will be praying your adoption papers go smoothly! How is Tetiana (sorry if I misspelled that :/)? I don’t do facebook so I haven’t heard from you about her! We pray for her to so glad she made it home!