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A little pick-me-up…

I got the SWEETEST little goody basket today from one of the SWEETEST people in my life…Mama Judy! Any of you have those people in your life that are like your other momma? This sweet lady started out as one of my photography clients…but she quickly became a dear friend and I endearingly refer to her as Mama Judy…and some times even Mama. I wish I could say I’m the only other daughter she has but I know so many people feel this way about her…and I’m just so thankful to have her in my life. She poors into so many lives…and I wish you could see the way she loves on her children and grandchildren. And to love on me? She has “adopted” me as one of her daughters (she has 3 sons)…and the way she loves on me is such a beautiful picture of how you don’t have to be “blood related” to be “related”. How I love this woman! It’s one of those kindred spirit friendships that makes you feel like you’ve known someone forever. I have often secretly wondered if she is an angel…definitely heaven sent to me. I wish I could tell you more about her…I could go ON and ON…but I was taken back today as I photographed her grandson who brought a basket to his session for me from her…(I flipped as always and said “How does she do it?! She’s just too much! I mean, how many baskets does your precious mom make for people?” And her son…being just like her…responded, “Just you! You’re the only one!” You people are too much! I love how you all love on others…and boy, did this lift my spirits today! Hee…hee…lift my spirits…no pun intended being Halloween;)

The fun basket from Mama Judy…

IMG_8026 copy

This special lady BLOWS me away…one with her creativity…and even more her heart for others. Here she is about to undergo one of the biggest weeks of her life with surgery…and what is she busy doing? Serving others! I must confess that I have been a bit overwhelmed with my “to do” list and not being an emotional person at all…I would say I have become one during this adoption process.
I catch myself reminding myself to breathe…so to have this friend who I SHOULD BE SERVING love on me this week…blew me away. Through Mama Judy I felt God just wrapping His hands around me…and then I sat down and gobbled up some of the things in her basket made with much love and care…
Every Halloween Mama Judy surprises my crew with something…Christmas and other holidays too for that matter. And Nam’s Bits are usually involved. If you’ve never had Nam’s Cookies…oh my goodness…they MELT in your mouth. (Note to Mama Judy: FRANK LOVED THEM! Richard freaked that I gave them to him…but Frank loves his Mama Judy for sending his first cookies! They literally melt in your mouth!)
IMG_8028 copy
And my personal favorite…why can’t you eat just one?
IMG_8029 copy
I wish I could say the bow was still tied and the jar was still full on this one.
Gosh, these things are just good.
That is all I have to say about that.
And as if her basket full couldn’t get any cuter?
She had to put white hot chocolate that turns ORANGE when hot! The kids are gonna love this!
And the coffee mugs?!
(You have GOT to double click on this image below for the full effect!)
And did you happen to see how many “adult mugs” and “kiddie mugs” she thoughtfully put in the basket?
One for Parker, Laney, Frank…and our precious baby we are all dying to have home with us!
IMG_8033 copy
And that “white chocolate cocoa cauldron”?! Too cute and YUM!
Okay…you have to see the cat eyes in the inside of this cute mug…
IMG_8034 copy
Too cute!
Mama Judy…I’ve got the towels already in place…
IMG_8035 copy
And we are set and will be enjoying hot orange cocoa on you tomorrow night!
Thank you so much for always thinking of us and treating us like we were your own!
You have loved me and made me feel so loved!!!
How I thank God for YOU!
Everyone needs a Mama Judy in their life!
Praying for Mama Judy…and if you wouldn’t mind…please say a prayer for Mama on Wednesday morning that God would bring 100% healing and a speedy recovery.
NOW…I need to be thinking what I can do for HER!

Amy - October 11, 2009 - 9:53 pm

That is awesome! What a special lady!

Kim - October 12, 2009 - 1:45 am

Just prayed for your sweet Mama Judy. Loved this precious post and the reminder that we should do more serving of others. The goodie basket is fabulous. You've got me craving candy corn. Haven't seen that yet in Hong Kong.

Are These Kids All Yours? - October 12, 2009 - 3:11 pm

That is so sweet to have a person who just wants to do something for you- just because 🙂

Anonymous - October 15, 2009 - 5:00 pm

What a great halloween treat! I love those mugs, my kiddos would love them. Do you happen to know where Mama Judy got them? Thanks!