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a fun favor…

I have a fun favor to ask of you! I secretly nominated one of my dearest friends for a mommy award–because I think she is that amazing…and need your help in just taking 3 seconds to vote for Christy Elphick BY CLICKING HERE.

Just 3 seconds of fun…just for fun…because she is that amazing!

Meet Christy…

(She’s gonna kill me…cause I totally ripped that picture of her Facebook page. I’m a good friend like that;)

Christy doesn’t blog or takes lots of pictures to post on Pinterest to show all the amazing things she does–but if she did…you would be so encouraged! Really–this mom has been such a living testimony to me at what it means to serve others…and I just think it’d be amazing for her to win this award.

She gives up so much of her time to serve Created for Care and plan the retreats (honestly–she’s the work horse behind it!) yet Christy’s family isn’t called to adopt…but she feels SERVING adopting families is her calling. WOW. If you saw how hard she works to pour into these retreats and bless these moms–and she isn’t even an adoption mom–you would say DOUBLE WOW. She runs behind the scenes and her work really goes unnoticed–but she LOVES it and she is passionate about orphans finding families and supporting those who do have the adoption calling.

Christy also volunteers her CPA services EVERY WEEK for Wiphan doing the book keeping, sending over transfers to Africa and keeping all the finances on track. (Being her good friend–I’d watch her drop her youngest off at preschool last year and zip over to do Wiphan’s books on one of her only times being kid-free.)

She has been one of our biggest cheerleaders during our adoption of Isaac…and now she and her family and once again supporting us to bring T here for the summer.

Will you take just 3 seconds in hopes to surprise this momma with whatever goodies she might win if she gets enough votes??? I think you can vote 1x per day and the voting period ends June 15th!

VOTE HERE…to help me thank Christy!!!

If you just voted…you totally rock!



Jenn Cooper - June 6, 2012 - 9:30 am

I can attest to Christy’s awesomeness first hand. She is a tireless encourager!!!! Hope she wins!!!

Jenny - June 6, 2012 - 11:37 am

Voted! It looks like she is in the lead so far! 🙂