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A few things you must know about…

I’m still reflecting on that adoption post I told you guys I’ve been thinking about. And in the mean time–God continues to put so much on my heart…He continues to burden my heart for orphans…for the poor…for the widows…even for children in our own community who aren’t technically orphans but miss the guidance and love of parents because of difficult circumstances. I will write the post in God’s timing–but He is still teaching me…and I don’t want to be consumed with convincing others when only the Holy Spirit can convince someone of what is true and the way to live. The Lord is moving our family’s hearts in big ways–and the more He moves us…the more I realize we just weren’t made for this world…yet we were made to do much in it. I dream of so many things—having a quiver full of little ones who need a mommy and daddy’s love—moving to Zambia or Uganda or Ethiopia…or any where for that matter where we could pour love into children for His name’s sake—I even dream of homeschooling (yes–call me crazy, but I do dream about it now and again)…BUT God hasn’t given me the go-ahead on any of those yet…and for now they are all wonders if they are part of His will for my life. I will continue to seek Him and trust Him. His ways are higher than my ways…

And while I dream–I can get caught up in the questions, the what ifs, the maybe could be’s–OR I could just let them go…leave them at the cross…and do something right where I am. Any of you with me?

I wanted to share a few areas of need with you. Granted needs are every where. But that is what the body of Christ is for. To hear needs–to pray how we might can be used to meet them…and to take a step of faith when we feel called. Here are 3 different needs. Will you prayerfully consider how you might can be used to meet one of them?

Sixty Feet

Did you know that most of the water in Uganda is polluted–yet 60 feet down it’s chrystal clear and perfect to drink? In a country overflowing with orphans–many sick with water-borne illnesses…just 60 feet under there dusty feet is clear, clean water for them to drink! If you have never heard about the ministry Sixty Feet I promise it will be worth your time spending just 10 minutes on their website. After discovering children of all ages living in an old prison building–they are doing something. They are just normal people…living normal lives…but forever changed by what they have seen. And they are not okay with leaving these children any other way but loved and cared for. Here (in video below) is the lady whose heart first stepped in…and she is beautifully followed by several couples here in our area. Some of them will be at the women’s retreat…and I can’t wait for you to hear from them and what God is doing. They are teaching these children their worth. They are loving them through Christ. They are setting them free from oppression. If you have been praying about joining a ministry in which to serve…it’s new–it’s got God’s hands all over it–and it just might rock your world…in a very good way…

Nathalie from Sixty Feet on Vimeo.


We have some friends getting ready to turn in their dossier…and they are doing a t-shirt fundraiser as they try to meet their goal in preparation to turn in their dossier (the completed documents that will put them on the waitlist finally!!!) Meet the Hemphills!!! They are selling their tshirts for just $20 (+$5 for shipping). Here are their awesome shirts that will help bring home their child…

Isn’t that a cool shirt?! They are calling it their “amazing grace” shirt because they have the lyrics “I once was lost, but now I’m found.” LOOOVE these. Okay…so for those of you who aren’t adopting and you aren’t sure if you want to where a shirt that says “adoption”…well—let me tell you…you can tell people that YOU were adopted as a daughter of the King…you can tell them that your shirt helped bring a baby home to their forever family…OR you can tell them you follow this blog where this girl is crazy about orphans and adoptions and such…and you just seem to be jumping in with serving others and it’s SO MUCH FUN to help families!!!! What a honor and privilege!!! When we did our fundraiser during our adoption–I can’t tell you how DEAR each and every family is that helped us!!! They will FOREVER be part of our story!!! How cool is that to be a part of?!?! To purchase one of their shirts…go to their blog by clicking HERE.


I am reminded how much children who need families throughout the world–who are waiting…need us to be on our hands and knees praying for them. Interceding on their behalf. We pray daily for our own children…and while we long in our hearts for every child to have a home…we can pray deeply together for those who do not. For the children in situations like in Uganda…whose situations have yet to be discovered like those of 60Feet. Oh Lord Jesus…will you guide and direct your people to find them…to have compassion on them…and to even let us know their stories so we can join helping them! For the children in our country’s foster care…who feel abandoned…unloved…unwanted—who are about to age out of the system with no mentors…no role-models…no mom or dad to come home to. Oh Father…will you show us how we can care for them…will you raise up families to love them…to care for them…to tell them of their worth! For the children who have come home…who are struggling in their new roles as sons and daughters…who have never experienced love and are struggling learning how to accept it…Give patience and guidance Lord to their parents…give them creativity on ways to speak to their child’s hearts…teach them how to love and parent in the Spirit…and give them perserverance to not give up when it’s hard. Let’s remind one another to pray on their behalf…and to press one another on to love and good deeds…whatever that might look like on their behalf…oh that we could represent the body of Christ beautifully in this way!!!

Love to you all…thank you for running with me.

Jenny - November 4, 2010 - 11:11 pm

Adorable shirt.. just bought one for a Christmas present. Hoping my husband knows how much I like it and will buy me one for Christmas, too;0)

kristi johnson - November 4, 2010 - 11:15 pm

love that shirt..will have to grab me one 🙂 kj

ellen silva - November 5, 2010 - 6:38 am

I can’t wait to find out more about Sixty Feet. I am trying to highlight some organizations in my blog world this month. Great shirt!

Elora - November 5, 2010 - 10:00 am

I read below where you feel a “storm-brewing” in your heart concerning orphan care & adoption. Girl. If I could reach across my computer screen & grab your hands and hug you, I would. I found your site youtubing “gotcha days” for Ethiopia. There are no words for the storm brewing in my own heart, but I know you know, and I know God’s heart for these little ones is love…and a home…

Just thought I’d drop a line of encouragement. Your video brought me to tears. I’m so thankful for you stepping out in obedience.

Kim - November 5, 2010 - 11:24 am

Oh girl … I know all about that storm brewing feeling.
I am running with you!
All. The. Way.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Renea - November 5, 2010 - 12:10 pm

You are incredible woman!!! Always speaking exactly what I’m thinking. I’ve been lurking and haven’t left you, but here to say I love you and all those things you feel stirred to do, are my desires too. But I wait for His will. Quite frankly, my husband thinks living in Ethiopia isn’t an option. But I’m sure if God saw fit to put us there, He would make it known to the leader of our family. And those home school dreams….. yep, been there done that. Oh how I have considered home schooling. And yes, people had thought I’d lost my mind. But I’m sold out for HIM and whatever HIS will is for our lives and those thoughts aren’t placed in our hearts and minds by accident girlfriend!

Thanks for the links to help support another adoptive family! Off to buy a new shirt to add to my collection! Much love, xoxox

Alicia - November 5, 2010 - 1:52 pm

I love your heart and all the information you share. Not a ton of people in my neck of the country share this same passion and it is so wonderful to grow with others through blogs etc.. Thanks!

Becca - November 5, 2010 - 7:02 pm

Love this post — and your heart! 🙂 (ps – I have some book recommendations on my blog I think you might enjoy!) 🙂