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January 4

Today’s Reading: Genesis 11:1-26, 1 Chronicles 1:24-27, Genesis 11:27-14:24

It’s not too late to jump in our read through the Bible in 2010 if you are just now catching today’s post. The pdf printable file for reading through is linked on the January 1st post.

Thoughts from today’s reading:
Gen.11 – The Tower of Babel – STINK! Can you imagine how the Lord was pained to see the people ALREADY falling into disobedience and sin?! This was even during Noah’s lifetime! The people wanted to, once again, be like God. God reacted differently this time. He had, afterall, promised to never flood or distroy the earth again. So instead, He scattered the people ALL OVER the Earth. Don’t you wonder what THAT looked like?! They weren’t scattered to the next neighborhood–but countries and countries away! Let’s add that to my question list for the Lord one day. I have always had this picture of me getting to heaven and the Lord sitting us all down in a ginormous cinema to see the way it all really went down. And seeing people scattered “safely” (after all, they were still alive when they got there) to other countries…now that would be one thing I’d like a replay on. YET…I can’t imagine how this must have saddened the Lord.

On an interesting note for those of you concerned about the small population (sisters, brothers, cousins, etc) having to marry one another check out verse 11:29–Nahor married Milcah. Milcah’s father is Haran…and um–Haran is Nahor’s brother. OK…so if you are slow–that means Nahor married his niece. OK…just a little interesting point there.

Gen.12This chapter is when Genesis takes a turn. You go from broad creation to general run down of who’s who–and then in chapter 12 God narrows in on Abram. And chapter 12 is like the best and worst of Abram all in one. He obediently drops EVERYTHING and follows the Lord. The Lord says He will bless Abram and his discendents will populate the earth…and everything is going great–UNTIL…he decides to lie to Pharaoh because he is scared Pharaoh will kill him to take his wife. Abram is always noted for his faith–but here it is his distrust in the creator that leads him to sin (lie) and expose both his wife and the Egyptians to sin. I don’t know about you–but makes you wonder what Sarai was thinking during all of this!

Gen. 13 and 14 Much can be said of these two chapters but the highlight to me is Lot’s choice, Abram letting him chose and then coming to rescue him from his bad choice. I thought Matthew Henry’s commentary of these verses said it best:
Abram having offered Lot the choice, he at once accepted it. Passion and selfishness make men rude. Lot looked to the goodness of the land; therefore he doubted not that in such a fruitful soil he should certainly thrive. But what came of it? Those who, in choosing relations, callings, dwellings, or settlements, are guided and governed by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, or the pride of life, cannot expect God’s presence or blessing. They are commonly disappointed even in that which they principally aim at. In all our choices this principle should rule, That is best for us, which is best for our souls. Lot little considered the badness of the inhabitants. The men of Sodom were impudent, daring sinners. This was the iniquity of Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness, ( Ezekiel 16:49 ) . God often gives great plenty to great sinners. It has often been the vexatious lot of good men to live among wicked neighbours; and it must be the more grievous, if, as Lot here, they have brought it upon themselves by a wrong choice.

OH…that I will cling all the more tightly to the Savior! Help me Lord to look to you and not to the world. Help me to make decisions based on what is best for my soul and the souls of my husband and children rather than appearances. When I mother my children throughout the day–help me to remember that I am impacted souls. I need you Lord!

Charisa - January 4, 2010 - 6:19 am

Andrea, It makes me laugh when we have the same thoughts on stuff..such as Sarai’s thinking during all that!

And I love the t-shirts! Also, I sent you an email on the zambia t-shirts…did you get it?

Genesis 11-14:24 and 1 Chronicles 1:24-27

Wow, lots of different things going on today. I love to place myself in the Word and pretend that I am there and imagine all that’s going on. It’s a way that I keep God’s Word alive…It is so easy to just read it to get it done—a legalistic kind of thing. But God’s Word is here to change your life and to change your heart…Let it do both.

Gen 11. Tower of Babel

vs.4 “Make a name for ourselves” What towers am I building in my life to make a name for myself? What am I doing just to be higher so that other can see? A tower of self-righteousness? A tower of good works? A tower of seemingly to know it all? May God destroy all the towers that I build publicly and in my heart that only I see.

vs. 5 “But the Lord came down” Okay..imagine that! The Lord coming down. What did that look like? Could they even see him? It says “Let us go down” which speaks to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Did they all stand upon a mountain and watch and talk? I just love that reference. One thing that I like is that They did come down. Didn’t have to. Could see just fine from Heaven but God chose to come down and be among. Remind you of anything ? The cross. Didn’t have to. Chose to. I am so thankful that He did.

Gen 12..vs. 13. Okay Abram, only half lied, right? Sarai was his half-sister! It’s interesting to me that Abram made a decision there without ever consulting the Lord. He imagined what could happen (and it very well could have) and came up with a scheme. I’d like some more details to all of this…How in the world did Sarai feel about all this? She was taken to his palace…I’m assuming having perform certain duties…I would have been ticked off a bit. I know there is a different culture and such, but that would have been a hard thing to submit to! God being God, intervened. It doesn’t say though how Pharaoh came to know Sarai was his wife…hmmm.

Gen 14…Abram and Lot… Vs 8 –some of the men falling into tar pits…doesn’t that paint quite a picture? vs. 22 Abram accepted nothing from the king of Sodom so that he couldn’t say that he made him rich…It would have made him richer…but here he chose the high rode and accepted nothing.

Everyone have a great Monday!

Amy @ Filled With Praise - January 4, 2010 - 7:41 am

Great pics Parker. Looks like you might have another photographer in the family 🙂

Jennifer - January 4, 2010 - 8:31 am

I was thinking the same thing as far as the “airport t-shirt”…but just hadn’t ordered it yet! Thanks for the prompting…I just got one for my hubby and me! I am starting to feel like our case is moving and excited with anticipation! We need the judge in India to pass us through 4 court hearings b/f we can travel!!! AND…we don’t hear anything until they are all done! Praying for a March Miracle!

Excited that the kids are in the new HH and for the referral list to start crack’in:-)

Jenny - January 4, 2010 - 9:55 am

haven’t read today’s reading yet but looking forward to it:)
Where did you get your shirt you are wearing in the pics? I’ve seen it before on a site but I don’t remember where??:)

Megan - January 4, 2010 - 12:10 pm

I can’t believe that I haven’t noticed before how when God speaks, he keeps using the words “lets” and “us” referring to the trinity! I’m also noticing that since the flood, when God gave them shorter life spans…men are having children (or their wives, whatever) at a younger age and dying younger. Still much older than us, but quite a difference!
Reading the story of Abram, I was really struck by his comment to the king that he won’t take any reward because he doesn’t want people to say the king made him rich. He wants to give the glory to God, where it belongs! Not everyone put in that situation would make the same choice.

Megan - January 4, 2010 - 12:16 pm

Oh, and what size did you get in your ordinary hero tshirt? I thought I heard from Kristi that they ran small, but I can’t remember….

Heather - January 4, 2010 - 12:46 pm

I noticed the shortened life span too. Before the flood they lived 800-900 years old. Then after it was around the 400’s then it went down again to the 200’s! I also noticed how Abram did have faith to immediately drop everything & go where God told him, but when it got tough, he lost his faith. Do I do that when the going gets tough? I hope to fully rely on God & remember that He is in ultimate control. However, even though Abram messed up, God still used him. Abram lied about Sarai being his sister, but then several verses later God blessed him tremendously! God uses us reguardless of ourselves. He can still accomplish His will & it’s not contingent on our faith.

Melissa - January 4, 2010 - 1:51 pm

I loved this t-shirt too. It is the first Orphan Advocate shirt that I have bought! I get lots of comments too from other people! I can’t wait to wear it to the airport when you bring your 4th baby home!