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Wiphan – Parker’s first trip❤️

While their trip didn’t start off easy (we didn’t double check P’s expiration passport date!), the Lord worked out a miracle and they were on the plane to go in no time! (Thankful we live near a national passport office!)

Finally Zambia bound!

It really is crazy to think we started volunteering with Wiphan when this soon-to-be 14 year old was just 2 years old! But finally he got to go over himself and see what he has been a part of almost his entire life from this side of the world. A night in South Africa after a 15 hour flight then another 3 hour leg to Zambia! Finally…he saw our heart…

Parker with Wiphan’s Pastor Aaron

Parker and the Zambia founder’s daughter who now works for Wiphan – We Love Abby!

Listening to his joy as he arrived home today melted my momma heart. He was so precious asking for things he could do around the farm to earn monthly so he could return next summer and love the people at Wiphan.

This. To have your children embrace the ministry your family has poured into for so long feels like heaven to me. So many treasured stories. He and his siblings have been writing to Beatrice our sponsored daughter for almost 9 years. Finally they also got to meet on this trip…

Parker finally meets our sponsored daughter Beatrice

Parker is bothered here while Beatrice thinks it’s hilarious. Richard informed every male in the compound to stay 5 feet from his Beatrice or he would brea their face😂😂😂😂 Ministry is Love. But don’t mess with daddy’s girl![/ca[/ca[/ca[/ca

This was a flood of memories for me to just 3 years ago when Laney met her for the first time. She’s changed so much from these pictures with Laney…

Loo bear meeting Beatrice
Loo, Beatrice and B’s school friend…COMPLETE JOY!

A day I will NEVER forget. If you ever have a way to go meet your sponsored child…DO IT!

Then he found our Harmony–and he couldn’t wait to begin sponsoring him also…because always room to love more. Isn’t he a doll…

The moment P found our Harmony ❤️[[
Harmony and P at Wiphan’s Westbourne School

They got updates for many of our sponsors–and advocated for many waiting on families to sponsor them. God was so good bringing several families to make big decisions to add Wiphan children to their families fold through sponsorship. We rejoice!

They spent their last few days at Victoria Falls and on a Zimbabwe safari. They also bunjee jumped off the Falls😳 No pics to prove it because they locked their things up to jump😂🙌🏻 Richard said he will NEVER do that again, and he is just thankful to be alive!

7th Natural Wonder of the World – Victoria Falls

Zambezi River

Richard said I’m due to go…it’s just SO HARD for me to leave my babies. But. Maybe next summer I’ll go! It’s Frank and Isaac’s turn–and Isaac also wants to go to Ethiopia so we definitely have some planning and lots of praying to do in God’s best timing for that trip!

The boys are now safely home battling jet lag–they crashed at 8pm long enough for me to jot down their journey because someone in this house needed to while it was still fresh! Putting down the others and off to join them in dreamland dreaming of seeing our Wiphan friends again❤️ Until next time!!!