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The Best Homeschool Day…EVER

Today might very well go down in history as our most favorite homeschool day ever. MIND YOU…I was cross-eyed half of it as it’s never easy (kudos to you homeschool mommas who are always on top of it–but this mom is NOT and for me homeschooling can be painful refinement but so stinkin’ sweet all packaged in one!) I must document though our most grand day in a very long time:

1. I high vaulted over a fence when donkey decided he didn’t want to be brushed and thought he was a bull (sorry–no pictures of that one…but Greg Pierce and Debra Pierce have both seen it before–and I should have been in track–minus the back flop). If you like essential oils–might I recommend Arctic Ice for your muscle pains and injuries. Just donkey…I know he may not look intimidating–but he nips and he isn’t scared to nudge you until he gets his way.

IMG_5217This is more like it;)…I’ll try to get a pic of him bucking and showing his teeth off;)



2. Parker used his Swiss army knife cut the end of an excellent vine in the woods (a few years ago it was the tip of his thumb–but today it was a vine!)–making another subject for our school as we spent HOURS swinging on it!–Still debating on subject names of this…but trust me–it requires skillz with a big Z;). If you are a friend on Instagram–I humbled myself and posted the video of my turn. NOT pretty. BUT hilarious.

Loo bear makes it look easy and even graceful.


I on the other hand–like to show you what it’s really like…

Not My Proudest Moment Short Clip

3. Spark, the long lost gerbil, decided his days of rebellion were over–and walked up to the front door and returned home (children’s book and potential move to follow). We rejoiced at the prodigal gerbil and whatever happened for the last 5 weeks in the outdoors…freezing lows last week…the dog outside most days—and who knows what else–he survived and literally was waited on our front porch for us…exactly how we prayed for his return 5 weeks ago when I challenge the kids to pray big! The kids want to write a book about his 5 week adventure now…we saw him almost every day–but catching him was impossible–until today–he was ready to come home I guess:)


4. We transformed the homeschool room into a workshop–because we have a jolly old reader coming to our homeschool on Friday and we want him to feel at home;). And we have a handful of girls who will be transformed into Sugarplum Fairies as we celebrate Loo turning 9–who will need to twirl in their PJs in Santa’s workshop too;). It took a group effort to make transform the school room into Santa’s workshop…but we did it:).


THIS ALL in a school day! Homeschooling is by far the hardest job I’ve ever had-but I’m savoring up these memories we are making together! So thankful. And one day I’m gonna really, really miss this!

Stay well. Have fun. And live each moment to the fullest…life is truly the most grand adventure!

We have a busy, busy weekend ahead with the boys starting basketball season and Loo bear in 3 more Nutcracker shows! She has totally shined and played her role well! We couldn’t be more proud of our party child!Here’s a pic from one of last weekend’s shows! No cameras are aloud during the show–but I snagged her while volunteering as she was running behind the scenes! Loo rocked the wig and Victorian clothing don’t ya think;)?!