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Test Post for Trip:)

Does this work?

Hoping so!

Momma would love to just take her iPad instead of her laptop:)

God’s timing is always perfect! Our delay led to this snail mail with a check for Loo’s trip. A little friend named Joy across the country sold brownies to be a part of her trip and Laney reminded me had we left in our time we would have missed this! We are in this together. Every part just as important and valuable. Such a sweet reminder. Thank you Joy for going with Loo in this way…

I’m TECH challenged! I can’t figure out how to upload pics from my iPad so if you would like to see those…just zip over to Instagram: andreapyoung

We are all ready for round two today!

Africa flight confirmed. In-country flights rebooked. The last thing to add was a new hotel for tomorrow night in South Africa. I love God’s sweet provision! GET THIS.

The new hotel kept closing out when I would enter my card and the last option was Paypal to pay for our hotel in S.Africa. There was ONE room left…and I was holding my breath. With all the changes–I was already hitting my head at fees and losses. THEN…that Paypal button was another option. I thought I could route it through checking. But then…I see credit there. Hmmm. Did we forget about something? AND The new hotel for our South Africa when we land was the SAME exact cost as what was sitting in Paypal…because the VERY LAST delivery of Laney’s art–when she came to Atlanta…she just happened to forget her checkbook…and she told me she’d just sent it through Paypal instead. And we forgot about it because others had surprised Loo with unexpected gifts making her flight paid for. BOOM. God just wanted us to see He provides and He wants us to keep our eyes on Him.

Your art work just got sweeter Mary Alice Duncan:) Love to see God in the details and how it’s not just about them–or us–but about us all being a part of something bigger than we can imagine:)

#weneedeachother #slowdownseethedetails #Heisalwaysinthem

Okay…hoping and praying that our next update is from the runway! His time–not mine! I need a shirt with that!