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Sweet day {overwhelmed with blessing}

I’m a little bit toast from today and not sure I can put it all in words…(I’ll have to really process and write more about each of these later!)

…walking through the compounds to see Beatrice’s family…

…spending a day at school with Beatrice and Laney getting to meet one another…

…holding lots of sweet loves that I ruly love as my own…

…spending time in classrooms…

…laughing with our older students…

So much in so little time as we pack so much in.

And I’m left with the question on my heart tonight, “Why?”

Why does the Lord give us deep desires for something yet we only get tastes and glimpses of those dreams.

If you are a dear friend–you know I always felt called to be a missionary…that works with children. Yes…yes–I know what some of you are saying…that I get to be one as a mommy to my kids. But overseas is always where my heart has been pulled–but here I sit…just flying back and forth visiting. All are called to love these children in some way…but do you ever want to stomp your feet because your heart longs for a different ways.

My head tries to make sense of it. And my heart wrestles. While I hope one day–I grasp and look for ways to make sense of it. Maybe I’m just called to support and visit so I can help share their dreams with those called to sponsor…I don’t know–but my heart…oh how it longs to just be right here.

I know He calls us to places so He may be more glorified–so I’m holding on to that truth tonight while resting in thanksgivings for all that I have gotten to be a part of must just today.

I hope one day we will be full time goers…but for now we just listen and follow…visiting and planting ourselves…committed in these relationships and not giving up no matter how the storms might come and discourage or distract.

I’m thankful that while my heart longs to be here–that I get to come and visit and be reminded why we can’t give up…and let their dreams reignite ours instead. Once again reminded that we really need each other.

Signing off tonight with a full heart. Sponsors–thank you for supporting these kids. I wish you could see them in person–I treasure this privilege and gift and just want to relay to you…God is doing great things in the lives of these children! Pray with us for these loves and more to join us in loving big!



(I chicken pecked this from my phone so please ignore any typos;)