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September on the farm…

Oh my.

There is always something to do here…between taking care of 5 children under 10…homeschooling…keeping the acreage cut AND caring for the animals! This week has not disappointed in the work it takes to keep things up! Thankful that FALL is in the air–so we pulled out our old faithful yearly FALL Young bucket list!! (This was made a few years back by simply cutting strips of scrapbook paper and ModgePodge over it!! I used a jagged scissor cutter and a marker for the edges–but you could just burn and blow the edges just the same:) Each year I just use chalk to check off our list so we are sure to fit in our favorites every Fall:)


Other excitement in our week consisted of 2 sick goats. Thankfully we have the accountability of a few other families to keep us on track with school work–but some days everything has to be set aside when there is a little emergency on the farm. This week it was Sugar and Bob:)


Sugar and Bob were all out of sorts—and our vet asked us to bring in the calmest and because their behavior was the same she’d coach me in shots for the other;). Good times I tell you:) Things I NEVER imagined myself doing! They say a sick goat is a dead goat–and now…I believe it. BUT this week we had a miracle and nursed our sick goats back to health!


Some days I worry about what the children are learning, but Mother assures me that they are getting more than they would ever get in school There’s a seasoned 25 year old school teacher for you. I hope that’s true. They learned about different medicine today for animals and they assisted in giving shots to the goats when back home.


After all the crazy–I decided we needed to go out. And I bought a cow. Only the kind that doesn’t moo—and just looks pretty. Thankfully he fit in the van. If the cow fits—BUY him…especially if he comes in every color:)


And speaking of every color—that’s what our eggs look like lately! Nothing as good as free range eggs! I haven’t found a match as far as quality as eggs go compared to ours…our chickens who free range all day produce the prettiest, most orange yolks! Yolks full of nutrition are orange–not yellow. Oh my…and we are getting more than we can eat! Eggs anyone?


Some other fun daily things around here…Oreo is learning to deal with the cats. Y’all. We had a farmhouse mouse last week. We must have cats! The 1st graders are looooooving school–and oh my–I looooove teaching this age! And I adore having our preschooler interrupting with the funniest things…like watching us with his binoculars! He flips them around over and over and lets us know if we are BIG or if we are “wittle”! And last but not least–Isaac is working hard on looking “bad”. Y’all. This kid is the SWEETEST and all he does is SMILE. He is working on growing a tall flat top and looking cool and tough:)



Oh those tile floors—drive me crazy…but they sure are easy to clean and match Georgia clay:)

I dipped in an antique shop this week and found this perfect beverage crate. Leaving this on our table where we do a lot of school work. How fun is this…


Loo has the same need as I do for crafts. Thankful to have a sidekick. Today we made a banner made of strips of old fabric for her room AND then a wreath–just $9 total to make!



Can you spot the photo bomber??!!

Sooooooo thankful it’s FRIDAY and the weekend is here! Here’s a few snapshots from 7pm on the farm on a Friday evening…


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!