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Our Homeschool Classroom

While much of our learning takes place outside or at the kitchen table–everyone that home schools needs a place…home base…to organize and store the countless materials, books and manipulatives we talk ourselves into needing;). I taught public school for a handful of years during my single 20’s and the first years of marriage before our first was born. I never, ever thought I’d homeschool–and here we are…going on YEAR 5! This year I have a 5th grader, 4th grader, a 1st grader and one in Pre-1st.

I’ll share the curriculum we are using in our next homeschool post–but for now…welcome to our homeschool classroom that sits just off the back porch and kitchen area. (For the record: While the blue old school desks are cute, they aren’t cozy and the children don’t love them. They really are best for preschoolers so I hold on to them for Zeke and the cute factor now. For the most part we sit on that rug or the kitchen table to learn every day–and the desks are used when someone has individual work like math or writing and they don’t need the 4 year old’s input at the kitchen table;)


This year for history we are studying U.S. History. One of the SWEETEST things about homeschool is learning together–so instead of following a curriculum that has every child on a DIFFERENT history, science, Bible, and language program–we keep as many things together as possible. The only things we do individually and break up for individual learning are grade level subjects like language arts (phonics, spelling, reading & writing) and math. Everything else–we keep things simple on the teacher (ME) and stay together as a family…so much easier and so much more fun to do together.

I found this book spin display at a local antique shop. It wasn’t for sale–but you never know unless you ask:) While there are lots of books to choose from in our little library, this display is stocked with U.S. History specific literature…


I found the CUTEST library inserts to use in our little library,¬†and the children practiced their typing skills by typing the titles and authors to each old school library card! AND they get to play library when our co-op friends who join us for learning on Monday when friends want to check out one of their books!FullSizeRender-6I just love old school everything–especially in a classroom so these posters by Cavallini & Co. make me smile every time I walk in our school room. AND the children actually have learned things that might not necessarily be in the curriculum for the year by having them always in front of them in our classroom…


We have the U.S. map as well as sign language and common chicken breeds up also:) I love this vintage U.S. Map…


And storage in large mason jar containers (found these at Hobby Lobby) and plastic shoe containers from Target. The wooden wall shelf is also from Target…and almost everything on that shelf is a treasure that reminds me of someone dear—-along with a few vintage old school card games that I can quickly match to a learning standard if I need to;) AND that roll of kraft paper to the side–that is what every room needs. A last minute extra large coloring paper to doodle on:) We use kraft paper for everything—and then use it for wrapping paper later. Having their art work or math practice on it makes it a sweet for gift-wrapping too:)


The library book shelving is from IKEA–and the top cubbies I use for each child’s curriculum book storage…with art supplies and workbox supplies (for when I need daddy to teach or mommy isn’t feeling well–the workbox system comes into play;)–more on that in another post;) OR you can search for that post on my site:) The orange boxes up top contain math flash cards, phonic reader books (Bob books) and stationary for letting writing. I’m teaching them the lost art of letter writing–so I try to keep that top stationary box filled to the brim with fun stationary packets.


I’ll share our curriculum choices for 2015-16 this weekend for anyone making any last minute additions or switch-a-roos! I try to stock grade-level books under their cubbies also.


So there’s just a little peak into our school room:) Happy Friday!!!


Andrea Young