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I was raised in a small town in a typical neighborhood, and Richard was raised in the heart of Atlanta. How we fell in love with an idea of a farm was really through our children. We were in the midst of therapies with one of our kids–and as one struggled to connect relationally–we saw a love for animals begin in little hearts. So–we did what all reasonable parents do;)…and we bought a farm. In all seriousness–for us this was a step of faith and trust for 2 city folks–one that has brought lots of laughs to our neighboring farm friends as we have asked questions like, “Is that a DORSE or a HONKEY–because it looks like a horse and donkey mix???” A mule. A MULE.

So it’s been a learning curve;).

But now we know you don’t need a rooster for chickens to lay eggs, a donkey earned it’s nickname for a reason and a pig is the next best thing to man’s best friend.

This farm is more work than we ever imagined…but it’s worth it.

Welcome…to the Young Family Farm.


See?! North Atlanta has rolling hills too;).

Every season has brought it’s own beauty here–a lesson I’m taking to heart in our daily lives…







And Fall.


The farmhouse we are still working on;). To make it a little more farmhouse… (before and after…tin roof to come:)


But best of all—is the life that is happening here. Beauty will always rise as we trust in the One who created it…


We want to use this place to create community and memories…and two of our favorites events here are Fall on the Farm (with square dance fun!) and Worship Night with our Nativity (nothing like the smell of animals as you sing Silent Night;)!

Fall on the Farm…


O Holy Night – Worship Night on the Farm…

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Next on the farm–you must meet the animals! From Albert Einswine the pig—to Bob the (anti-social) goat…they all have a story…and it’s amazing how they are shaping our kids hearts as they love deeper, grieve the losses (lots of those on a farm), and learn to work hard and live life with open hands ready for whatever comes their way.

The animals of The Young Family Farm…

Blessings from the farm,