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Oh what a sweet day!! And I’m so thankful that 2 of my precious friends helped me pull off sharing with the kids in such a sweet way! I love to have a moment documented–so to have these pictures (and also video) of the kids finding out what we are having…just so sweet!! Tammy came to grab pictures and Angie grabbed the video–and Angie put together the basket full of balloons for our reveal that I could never have pulled off with 5 kids at home, a hubby just getting in from out-of-town this morning and homeschool with kids always right here;). Such a fun morning!!!

Eyes all closed! Even Oreo is waiting patiently to know if it’s another prince and Laney will remain the only princess OR if she will share her role…



Laney’s face!! PRICELESS JOY!

Oh happy day!!!!

This is me asking my girl if she’s just BESIDE HERSELF!


If you only knew how badly this girl has wanted a SISTER!!! It can be really confusing or hard when your parents say yes to adoption–and then you think you can say you want a sister. I’ll NEVER forget sitting Laney down to talk with her after we saw her 4th brother’s picture. We had been in the process a year earlier to adopt a little girl from China when we had to put in on hold. In between I had gotten Lyme disease and then after getting well hosted a teenage princess from Ukraine…and Laney was still LONGING for a sister. Then we saw Zeke’s picture after our miscarriage–and we were in love. I’ll never forget showing HER his picture and asking for her blessing in adopting ANOTHER brother. She didn’t hesitate. She wasn’t sad. She just said he was amazing–and we needed to do anything and everything as fast as we could to bring him home.

She would have been happy again with a little brother…but I know in her heart—because she’s confessed…deep down she would love a sister but she’s happy with what God chooses. I’m over the moon that the Lord would give her a little sister and us another little girl. JOY overflowed as we shared what we are having this morning…


We are so excited to add another princess to our team!!!


SO thankful and praying for a sweet healthy little girl!!! The Young crew can’t wait to meet our next little princess!!


With hearts that overflow today!!!

The Young Family!