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Here lately…


Here lately? We’ve just been piling on layers to keep WARM because no one here (except Richard) does the cold:) The Christmas has all been put away (that took a few weeks…and the wreaths on the fence–I confess–still haven’t come down!)

IMG_6087Donkey Ho-te is still trying to get the chicken wire off the goats house because he wants to bite them. Ole Donkey is a biter and really wants to bite just about anything within reach. (Working on that.)

The kids get up every morning and layer up to the feed the animals. And…the LOVE IT!! In between homeschool lessons we play outside and with the animals–and it’s truly been our best school year yet…much of it I think has to do with just moving out here and being forced to really slow down.


We are getting rid of our old faithful mini-van this week of 10..yes TEN years…and we are getting a bran new…no not a Suburban or anything normal families drive…a…PASSENGER VAN!! With 5 kids that are social bugs–there are many days when each little one has a friend over. Getting everyone home is impossible…even if it’s just another family that also a big family–so we decided to bite the bullet and buy a 12 seater:) FUN!! In other news I’ll also be getting lots of exercise as I’m guessing I’ll be parking at the end of every store because I’ll take up two spaces:).

I’ve been busy planning with my 2 sidekicks Christy Elphick and Angie Carley our next Created for Care. It’s just 4 weeks away and planning events in between homeschooling and being a wife and mommy…it’s truly a miracle it all falls into place. Thankful it’s nothing of me, and it’s HIM working out the details!! For the most part I spend all my days with this being one of my view…


And I’m so thankful for where we are and for this sweet slice of peace. Hopefully it will be much bigger than just a slice;). If you would have told me 10 years ago–Andrea…you are going to move to a farm and homeschool–it would have given me a good laugh!! I’m praying about starting a co-op next year so we can simply do this with more families right where we are…and do simple together.

I really need to blog more often just so I can go back and remember our crazy…or maybe not so crazy after all:)

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying this winter season. I say hurry up spring!! We are ready to bring home about 20 more chickens but we aren’t going to bring home more animals until the winter passes!! I really sound like Little House on the Prairie now don’t I;)?!