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Farmfit {Who needs CrossFit when you have a farm?}

Have you run into some Crossfit junkies lately? Oh my. They are some serious folks about their workouts. They post their lift pics, their workout plans and even have their own app to share the weight they rocked that day. I only know this…because I’m MARRIED to one;). For months, he’s been trying to get me to drink the CrossFit water. But oh my gracious. Read this post and you’ll know why momma ain’t got time for that;). Seriously–who needs CrossFit when you have a farm?

For the first few weeks (okay maybe MONTHS) after moving on the farm last Spring I ended my days with much needed advil and crashed every night like I used to when I taught middle school. This farm life–is no joke.

So the padres came to town this weekend and we had a grand ole time full of shared laundry;), delicious Southern cooking (if I do say so myself) and a few fun farm adventures. We TRADED an obnoxious rooster for 2 goats this weekend. Quite the trade right? Our friends in town decided they were done with goats–and they thought a rooster would be fun…so we happily made the trade they requested;) Bless them. I foresee rooster potpie ahead–and we adore our new friends…


That’s Big Mama on the left and Lil’ Billy on the right. You can’t see Lil’ Billy’s goatee–but trust me…the name goatee comes from him:) They were dehorned as babies–so we are keeping them with our pig in this smaller pasture as they have no way to defend themselves from the other goats or something else. Our Great Pyrenees will hopefully keep coyotes away, and they will be safe:) It was SO FUN having my parents here for their delivery…but especially fun letting them take part in the “catching of the rooster” event. If you’ve never had the joy–trust me…it’s good, hilarious fun for all. Ole Roo was caught–put in a box and taken to his new home to cock-a-doodle-doo to his heart’s content;)

We are sticking to our 10 laying hens (For you non-farm folks…you don’t need a rooster for a hen to lay an egg a day—no fertilization needed here as we have hens a plenty and give away more eggs than we can eat:).

My parents let Richard and I scoot away for the night so we could have a night out–which consisted of World Market fun, trying on hats and an amazing dinner at St.Cecilia (if you are ever planning a trip to Hot-lanta…reservations can be booked online.) Rich was such a gem to let me play while he read the news…and oh my–with the work of 5 kids under the age of 10 and the farm–we needed a little get-away even if it was just for one night!


I didn’t buy the hat by the way…but now I’m wishing I did;).

Then. It was time for a reality check. Labor Day…the parents left for Sweet Home Alabama and it was time to hit the farm. Only we came home to two sick goats. NOT our new ones–but Sugar and Bob. Goats are pretty fragile creatures and eating a poisonous leaf can take them out in 24 hours. We lost 2 boer goats this summer to toxic leaves–and oh my…we are quickly teaching our kids all about loss on the farm through these animals–but I’d REALLY love to not lose Sugar or Bob…so the last 48 hours have been spent giving 2 goats syringes of probiotics and milk of magnesia…while we anxiously await our vet appointment on Wednesday!

I’ve spent my day today nursing these 2 sick goats–and oh my gracious…I just had no idea how much work this would be. I’ve learned so much too. Goats can NOT eat just anything like some might think. I raced to the feed and seed today to see if they had activated charcoal to help them detox whatever toxic plant they got into…and picked up lots of fresh hay. THIS might sound easy enough–but hauling hay isn’t the easiest…and this is where FarmFit verses CrossFit comes in. Y’all. Momma hasn’t been to a gym in 10 years…but working this farm is whipping me into shape. There’s no rest for the weary here. No sir. You gotta do what cha gotta do…so if it means working all afternoon to save goats…that’s what you do–and lots of sweat is involved…and momma was never a fan of heavy lifting or sweat…but maybe it’s good for me;) This pic I posted to Instagram today and my FB status describes the funny that happens here…


My Facebook status today:

“Oh you know. That time you were out working in your back pasture…tossing hay bales by yourself. And you started sweating…and since no one was around you took your shirt off…since you did have a tank top on too. And you see two men pull up in your drive way. So you freak out certain this is how it all goes down at the farm by yourself…and you forget about that tank top or that shirt tied around your waste and you let out a farm girl whistle that calls the dogs…and they beat you to the men…barking a mean bark and you yollar, “What can I help you boys with?” all serious like you’re out of an Olde Western. Then with their ties and suits… they hand you a track jaw dropped and you realize the tank scared them more than the dogs or your intimidating Clint Eastwood voice. I didn’t get anything but a track and they hauled it. My apologies to the men with Jesus Christ Ladder Day Saints who were assigned my street. If you drop in unannounced you never know what you’ll get here! I called off the dogs in the nick of time;) Close call cause you know a Great Pyrenees guards his farm well! And apparently the farmgirl does too;)”

All this. Before 10:30 a.m:)

But I almost left off the BIGGEST things that happened before 10:30am!! Oh my…our ZEKE went to PRE-K today at preschool! He only goes a few hours every morning which makes it possible for momma to teach the other 4…and this year he is the SAME class as one of our best friends! “Even the smallest person can change the course of this world.”–How CUTE is that tee by Transforming Beauty?!


And while my birds were at art and cooking and computer…just a few of the classes the homeschooled bunch take on Tuesdays…this momma worked on the farm and when I took “breaks” inside…I prepared for our school week ahead…


I really want to challenge my kids to see HEARTS…and to be brave with theirs. I want to teach them how to see beauty…not because I have a girl–but because I also have 4 boys…


I want them to love one another. Help one another…and carry one another. Y’all. Today wasn’t perfect. In fact…it was hard. One child had a melt down. I’m not sure if 2 of our animals will make it. And the crazy He calls us to can almost wipe you out. BUT…then you catch moment’s like these…


“Brudder. Don’t worry. I got you.”

And you stand back and you see…that He’s got a plan and a purpose through the hard. We are just supposed to keep our eyes UP and to trust Him…and just take one day at a time.

Easier said than done right? Well–just know you aren’t alone.

So there ya have it. A day on the farm. AND this was a slow, laid back one with the kids off learning today–and tomorrow we’ll have putting goats in the van…and a vet appointment and goat stool samples and new spelling words and math…and some how–it all gets done. And I remember signing up for this but I had no idea all the hard things that came with it. Then I realize–isn’t that how everything is? Whether it’s being a mommy or adoption or a dream job or marriage or anything? We have no idea the hard that comes with the things the Lord guides us to…we only know we want to say YES to them. So we do. And He teaches us, guides us and gives us strength through them. He’s making me FarmFit…and not just on the outside–but on the inside too. I’m learning how to say goodbye a whole lot to things I love, celebrate every bit of life in every living thing…and to treasure each day and everything in it.

Here’s to tomorrow!! May it be extraordinary for you.