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Family Devotional to Begin the New Year

We tend to put so much focus on Christmas that when it’s over we don’t even know what day it is until the new year arrives. We aren’t sure some times where to start, but something in our hearts feels we need more…to look for and find some of the wonder we felt as sang Silent Night together.

Friends—THIS is where the magic really starts. THIS is the time to draw our family in closer. The wisemen took a year long journey seeking Jesus—and this short week and half devotional for your family is designed to draw you back in starting the new year looking for Jesus together.

I wrote this devotional almost a decade ago as I studied the journey the magi took, and it has become our tradition moving the wisemen closer to Jesus, setting a habit of also looking for Jesus throughout the day and SHARING at the table at night how each of us saw Jesus. THIS will change your family as you start the new year DOING THIS. Let the habit of looking and sharing together how you see Him change how you live!

Dear friends—sure I could have this printed and sold but FREE is so much sweeter. So feel free to share this link and pass it on to others you want to join you I this journey. My gift to you right here…

The Journey of the Magi Devotional 

Matthew 2:1-2 “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.”

After the King was born–the day we celebrate on Christmas…isn’t this when the journey really begins?? Always looking for Jesus. Running towards Him. Longing to see Him. This. This is what I really want to teach my children.

So our journey now begins.

For many families–this is the time they start putting up their Christmas decorations. But for us, some will go up…but not our Magi or our manger scene. For the next couple of weeks–our Magi will journey through our home getting a little closer to the manger each day–a little closer to seeing Jesus. Each day will represent almost a months time in the actual magi’s journey as we remember the almost YEAR long journey it took for the magi to finally arrive to worship the king.

Each morning, the children will run down the stairs to find the magi…to see how far they have come from their last resting place. And each morning (or night when morning passes us too quickly by) we will sit with them as we reflect on their journey and what led them to continue toward the King NO MATTER WHAT.

This journey will inspire us in the year ahead–to continue to draw closer to Jesus.

This journey will remind us that the year ahead will not always be easy–but to trust in the One who is calling us.

This journey will bring us to our knees to worship…and remind us to bring our own gifts to Jesus…to bring glory to Him.

In our after Christmas craziness–putting things “back together”, I don’t want to forget there is something to be learned with the magi’s journey to Christ.

Yet, because their journey began after the birth of Christ–ours, too, would begin the day after Christmas–just after we celebrated the birth of Christ in our home.

And we begin our journey with the magi today…