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Donkey Ho-te {our daily farm funny}

I can’t make this stuff up:) A funny for your day…phone all to vet…

Me: Um–yes ma’am–we’d love to have our donkey…fixed…I mean castrated…I mean gelded.

(Disclaimer: Y’all–I’m so uncomfortable with this farm animal talk that it’s funny!)

Vet: (snickering at my discomfort): Well–we can do that! Okay–let’s get some details in our system–does your donkey…have a name?

Me: Why yes he does! (laughing) I’m almost embarrassed to say. It’s Don Quixote. Or Donkey Ho-te. However you like to say it or spell it…it’s fine. Funny right?

Vet: Um. I don’t understand. Can you just spell it please?

Me: DON QUIXOTE!!! You remember–it’s classic literature…Spanish literature that you learned in school…get it? Don Quixote!!!! ????

Vet: Um–I don’t know what you are talking about. Please just spell it.


My funny TOTALLY bombed.

Y’all. It’s funny!!!

Know your classic literature. Y’all–my barn school will soon be open for all y’all;).