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Because boys dorms can be amazing too

When my son told me he didn’t care what his college room looked like—he just wanted it to feel like home—I knew it would be fast and east to throw a flag on the wall but maybe not quite feel at home. I decided to keep it simple , and instead of a flag to make banner that reminded him these really are the best days…

Made from felt…just a yard of each color from Hobby Lobby.

I found art at Home Goods—and for his living area space I made art ❤️ and found a wooden Georgia piece at a Local shop.

This was the before—while raised beds do create more space they don’t feel quite like home, AND they aren’t as easy to hop on. So lowering the raised bed was the first thing we did to make this room feel like home–then we decorated away.


We weren’t allowed to put holes in the walls so hanging the curtains with Command Strip brackets was the only way to RAISE the curtains…raising the curtains will make a small room look BIGGER as it draws the eyes up:). Little design tricks even work in dorm rooms. We left him with “no no brackets” too just in case the Command Strip ever doesn’t hold but then the curtains will be lower. Still lovely window treatments are better than no window treatments:)

The boys each have a pretty small dorm size room but a shared kitchen and living space. And don’t worry on the other side of the “Call Your Mom” pillow is a oh so basic Georgia profile decal.

Shared Living Space

Simple…but feels a little bit more like home. Sure boys can put up a flag–and stuff some furniture under the bed–but I love making it feel a little bit more like home:) Here’s to the next 4 years of college and missing him like crazy!