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Back to school crazy {The Most Important Gift}

We started a new chapter this season after homeschooling 5 years. Three out of our 6 kids decided to go to a sweet little school around the corner. They are LOVING it–but momma is missing having all her babies home. Thankfully–I still have 3 to keep me busy at home! Pretty soon it’ll just be 2 kids in the morning as one will be going to a kindergarden preschool each morning. I’m looking forward to having just ONE to homeschool (my 2nd grader!) and the sweet baby to cuddle with between lessons.


The baby is doing wonderful! I’m really loving having a baby at my age and having other littles who are bigger reminding me each season is such a short, sweet season. So thankful for this gift and the joy to be a mommy again.

Our crazy after school activities have started too! With 5 of our 6 kids being in sports–our after school fun is quite busy but we keep family dinner a priority and have dinner together every night. This has been something we’ve been able to do for all our years and one thing we won’t compromise on as the sweetest, connection times have often taken place at our dinner table. Huggies (yes–the diaper company) recently called for an interview on mommying–and this was one thing I shared with them that was so important to us in staying connected. So important…but not the MOST important…

The most important thing for both Richard and I in staying connected to one another, leading and guiding our children and staying connected to our children has been staying in God’s Word. Y’all. It isn’t easy when you have lots of kids–or a baby who doesn’t sleep–or laundry, cooking and cleaning to do…but never, ever let that go. Find accountability like a weekly Bible study or group to meet with. There will be season when that feels impossible–and the more impossible it feels–I reach out more. This season right now with a newborn, preschooler, homeschooler, 3 at home = 3 coming home with homework and 5 different sports activities…gracious–I knew this time I needed serious accountability. So I signed up for a women’s study at our church that meets once a morning every week for 15 week segments. I might be running in there with a baby, a preschooler and a homeschooler with a backpack full of things he can work on–but listening to someone teach and getting in God’s Word with other women has been so wonderful. We are studying the book of James–and oh my has it been right where I needed to be with little decisions always there to be made for our children. Knowing which way to turn is so much clearer and easier to navigate during times where you are walking with Jesus.

If you find yourself in a season where it feels impossible–just take a breath and find a way. Pray for your children, your marriage…the little things and the big things. Watch Him provide and even bring PEACE in the midst of crazy schedules. A deep walk with Jesus is the most important thing you can give your family…it truly, truly is. So don’t give up!!!

And. Remember to take care of YOURSELVES mommas!! Self-care is so important!!! Even if it means closing your bathroom doors to give yourself a pedicure when you can’t get out or a candlelight bath…take good care of YOU as you are taking care of others!! I think I’ll go do that right now;)

Blessings to you all as school is back in full swing however it is your family does it!