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A Voice Becoming Study – Nov/Dec “Women Lead” Chapter…

Women Lead

Y’all I hope these emails turn out okay as I create them pecking on my iPhone while a preschooler plays, and I plan for this sweet time with my teenage daughter alongside many of you! I hope you all had AMAZING, unforgettable “Launch Trips”—now it’s time to jump in!

November/December Bucket List
The first theme we are jumping into for our daughter’s “Becoming Journey” is Women Lead. On page 87 in your book “A Voice Becoming” there are some questions for YOU to reflect on in your own leadership growth amd how you have used your gifts and talents to benefit others. My fav: What are some aspects of leadership that you want to impart to your daughter?

When Laney was a baby, God used us to help start a school in Zambia ( While many encouraged, there were always voices that said “just focus on your home because that is your mission field”. So much truth to that, but the Lord was calling us to even MORE outside our home. How thankful I am we followed and this ministry thrives today as our children have been shaped much by it.

When Laney turned 5, the Lord called us to grow through adoption, and then the following year start a ministry for foster and adoptive moms. Again—that voice of uncertainty came but sweeter, stiller and stronger was HIS CALL. I hope to challenge my daughter in the next two months to follow His call no matter the noise of good intentions or of the world. The Lord will equip our girls for His call no matter what is already on their plates. Leaders raise their plates to Him allowing Him to place the portions.

There will also be seasons where the Lord says slow down or not right now to great things—and the call to step aside for others to lead will be just as important for them to follow.

Get Inspired…Nov/Dec

The goal for NOVEMBER & DECEMBER will be to learn from other women who have lead well. A handful of local moms met at the barn to help come up with a “Bucket list” (above) for you to use or inspire you creating your own! Of course there may not be time to do them all, but we pray the next 2 months as you focus on learning from different leaders this list might help!

Another great activity to start this 2 month theme with is making a list together of qualities a leader has. When you see your dear daughter loving out these traits—affirm her and speak words of life to her acknowledging she is beginning to walk in these ways and you SEE it!

I will post the bucket list we made on our Facebook page! If you aren’t on Facebook but want it please just text me (404-667-0077)and I can text it to you to print off. (Disclaimer: We haven’t listened to every podcast, movie or read listed yet! Many were recommended on leadership so the most recommended we added to the list!)

Also a leadership idea! Those of us who met at barn are going to gather to make Jesse Trees for our daughters to lead Advent devotions for siblings. Think of ways your daughter might can lead even in your home in these 2 months. She might need your help and even to share the load with you—but maybe this is another sweet thing you could do together.

Praying for all of you as you love your girls big and well!

Much love from the farm!

Andrea Young

”She was unstoppable, not because she didn’t have failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them.” —Christine Caine