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A glimpse of who you are…

Last night I saw a glimpse of WHO she is. Yes–dressed in that little Woodstock costume–I saw a story I will retell her for the REST of her life. And it goes like this…
You were a little yellow bird–Woodstock…Snoopy’s little friend. Your big brother was Snoopy and Daddy was the best Charlie Brown. We were at Trunk-or-Treat at church…and a few missed the “no scary costumes” memo…but I’m pretty sure those were the people who never saw it…because they are sweet community people we are here to serve.
This picture isn’t from that moment because I was watching you too close. I knew you were scared. You saw that scary mask from a very scary movie–you dropped candy in his bag. You looked up again. Your little arms started TREMBLING with fear. You looked back at me for help–I don’t think you could move. Then you stiffly walked the best you could back to me still shaking.
I wanted to pick you up. But I waited not wanting to build more fear in your sweet little soul. Instead of reaching for me, you reached to get more candy. You turned around–and bee-lined right back to him. And fear and grace and love…and a BRAVE trembling baby girl met her fear in the face…and you gave him more candy…more love–more “I will be your friend”.

This. THIS is who you are. Who shall you fear? So go out there sweet girl…on the first day of preschool, kindergarten, your first team tryout…college…that interview. You go face your fears in the face–and shower them with more of WHO you are and WHOSE you are. Fearless. Brave. His. Because most of what we fear is really just a mask–it’s not real…it just needs more of exactly what you have🙌🏻👊🏼

–love. Mom.

The Lord gives us stories daily…to show us who are children are. Let us write them down. So that when hard days come–we can help them remember.