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2018…a quick update!

My blogging days as a mom in her 30’s seem to be past–and this mom now in her 40’s is feeling pretty proud of herself for stealing a moment to just update this blog should all my pictures be lost–I still have this blog full of documented miracles and sweet stories from our past 14 years as a family together:) So 2018 has snuck up on us–and it’s a new year once again!

The holiday brought such sweetness with by far my favorite being our yearly worship night at the farm. This year we had about 250 or so join us–and it’s always such a sweet organic night of worship under the stars. If you live close by…oh please come join us and the little angels and shepherds one year! And if you have a little one they are most welcome to join in!!

The children had the sweetness making gingerbread houses, seeing Santa and baking lots throughout the holiday. We are just delighting in Janie Claire, and I feel so blessed to get to do this baby thing all over again!! We got to see family–we gained a new cousin this year (which Isaac LOVES having a boy cousin his age…they are new VBFFs!) and of course we saw Princess T (Tetiana) and her precious family!!!

Here are some of my favorite moments from our holiday…

We love our Santa who loves Jesus and tells the children the story of Christmas as they see him again. I’m sure there are some coocoobirds that would say we are confusing our littles…but ya’ll–I’m 40. I got this. My kids are amazing and we all love Santa and the fun of Christmas!!! This Santa is a rockstar who donates his service fee to foster care. JUST pretty amazing if you ask me! Janie Claire didn’t love Santa–but she was fine as long as big sister was holding her!

Richard and I jumped in a picture too…

Mommy’s little helper in the kitchen all December long!! Isn’t she just yummy?!

I couldn’t survive all the crazy fun without my 3 girls. We’ve been together long before any of us were married–and together in between all the crazy is so fun always. Love these 3. They also make having a Christmas birthday more fun too. I brought in 41 with them–and we got wild at Target shopping for stocking stuffers:)

December also brought new animals like Ferdinand the bull. Yes he is a bull. He is a Texas Long-horn. I might have lost my mind. The story he is couldn’t stay at his farm so we bought him. We might have to sell him back when he gets big enough to hurt things with his big horns–which means he would also be big enough for the farm to he came from to keep him again. He was being bullied by all the long-horns and his mom rejected him so he had no chance of survival and needed to be raised on a small farm for now. We adore him! He also came with 2 pigs–Mia Hamm and Kevin Bacon because they were already farm friends. We adore the pigs too!

Isaac and his cousin looking all spiffy for a holiday party…

Christmas Eve together…the candlelight service at church…

I just can’t even stand when I take in moments of my oldest and youngest together. Just the sweetest!!!

Before we open gifts on Christmas morning we give our first gifts to Jesus–sharing with each person who we see them becoming…characteristics of Jesus in them. This is SUCH a sweet time I never, ever want to forget…

The pigs…let’s not forget the pigs…

Tetiana with her mom Andra and the boys! She is about to graduate and will soon be working all kind of fun hours at a salon! So proud of her!!! I need her to give me some highlights:)

That’s just some of our crazy in a nutshell!! Merry Christmas and happy new year from our family to yours!!!